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Refurbishing services

Give a new life to your old furs! We provide remodelling, repairing and cleaning services. With furs that are in good condition, we can completely remodel an old coat into a brand new design.


We offer the professional cleaning of your fur garments. It is essential to maintain the shine of the garment in order maximize it's longevity. Fur should be properly preserved and should never be dry cleaned. This is why we chose to use a specific treatment to preserve the natural oils and quality of the fur. Professional cleaning should be done annually.
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Without proper care, the natural oils in fur and leather are lost, resulting in dried out and torn leather. When not attended to, these rips can result in difficult and costly repairs.

We make a careful inspection of the garment, then stains, perfume, smoke residue and unseen particles from the lining and fur are removed and essential oils are replaced to maintain the suppleness of the leather. A complete ‘glazing’ treatment is applied to bring back the shine of the garment.